​​How do I fulfill community service hours?

You can choose to attend any community service event or complete tutoring hours.

How do I fulfill BAP hours?

Tabling: Sometimes we table for certain events.

Helping the Officers:  During any major event, officers will ask for help on Slack. When you accept the offer and help any officer, they will pay you with BAP hours.

Helping the Outreach Coordinator: Spring is the prime time for outreach at community colleges and high schools.

Helping the Gold Challenge DirectorWe are making a video this semester in attempt to achieve Gold Status. Only 10 of all 322 chapters of BAP are awarded this, so we are going to put in some time making a good video.

How to obtain an AACE approved resume?

  1. Make an appointment with an AACE advisor and take your resume
  2. Get it approved by the advisor by asking the advisor to sign your final resume

How to create a LinkedIn?

  1. Create your free LinkedIn profile online by going here
  2. Upload a picture with your best professional outfit
  3. Update your information
  4. If possible, download the LinkedIn app on your phone so during Candidate Night you can add your fellow candidate friends
  5. Add your profile link to your resume

How to create a CALCPA account?

  1. Create your free CalCPA profile online here
  2. Provide the email you used to us